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Metformin So-so For Kids’ Weight Loss

The primary outcome measure was change in BMI. Among the findings: Subgroup analysis showed greater differences in BMI reduction among patients with baseline BMIs of 35 or more (-1.23; 95% CI minus 1.66-minus 0.79) than among those with BMIs of less than 35 (-1.05; 95% CI minus 1.81-minus 0.29), although both were statistically significant. While the studies did not allow analysis based on pubescent/prepubescent status, analysis based on age indicated that younger children had greater reductions in BMI (age 12 years; -1.56; 95% CI minus 2.29-minus 0.84) compared with adolescents (age >14 years; -0.96; 95% CI minus 1.59-minus 0.32). Moderate-strength evidence, based on eight studies, showed a statistically significant greater weight loss with metformin compared with controls (-3.26 kg; 95% CI, minus 4.23 kg-minus 2.30 kg; I2, 0%). Two studies following children for 12 months did not show a statistically significant difference between those treated with metformin and controls.
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